The Future of Television, all programs anywhere, anytime, on any device


One application to access an InFiniTy of programs
An unlimited OTT video service offering exclusive programs

1FiniTy will try to go beyond the traditional TV and beyond the TV screen.

It is a digital transformation of an industry, responding to an expectation of the TV market to catch young viewers where they are, with the expected contents and centered on customer experience and services.

1FiniTy will be the first generalist OTT TV proposing all kinds of family contents, anytime, anywhere, on any device, and for all the French households’ members

  • Wide generalist catalog of exclusive programs and premium content available instantly through one service

  • Any device, anywhere, anytime, high quality of service

  • UX, Recommendation, Personalisation, Social network integration

  • No commitment, One account for four members


We develop a high level of competencies to acquire, manage, produce and distribute programs


Project Director
More than 20 years of experience in the media sector and his understanding of sectorial developments and technical expertise allow him to support the development of new services or new ways of broadcasting

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